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The Field

Waves of grain.
It looks like a vast ocean
Huge and stationery until the wind
Stirs up the shafts of wheat and
They begin to dance and sway.
The best time to be in the field is late afternoon
When the sun is on its way west.
It makes me feel unassuming and completely bare.
I want to run and keep running through the rows
As if they go on forever.
The silence is not deafening, but welcoming.
Then the crickets begin to ready their instruments.
The setting sun is warm on my face and
I feel at home in nature—I am free.

I wrote this last year (Spring 2010) when I was trying to get into a graphic design project.

Summer, hello :)

This summer has already brought interesting elements into my life. I feel like it’s going to be one big adventure plus lots of designing. I finished my advanced drawing class and received an A thank goodness. It made me realize I miss drawing so much. For my final I decided to combine drawing with acetone transferring on wooden boards. I ended up collecting notes, articles, and pictures to be the background of my piece and for the drawing I wanted to draw my Granddad O’Brien at three different points in his life. My aunt sent my letters that he had sent his parents during WWII, he was in the 82nd fighter group in the Air Force. He was a mechanic, but that in itself is honorable. Later in life he began to paint. He collected art books, which were later given to me after his passing. I copied pictures from the books and transferred them. He also wrote articles for his local newspaper. I was sent those from my granny’s house and died laughing at all of his observations. The title of his article was “O. B.’s Observations.” I love looking back on his more than interesting life and finding out how things have come to be in our family. I’ve always been interested in my ancestry, but this helped me dig more into this life. I really think someone should make a movie out of it. There are countless stories about him that make him larger than life. I’m going to try to make three more drawings. One for each aunt and one for my granny. I imagine I’ll do one about him being a family man, a farmer, and one about his childhood perhaps, this could very well change.

I had an anxiety attack the second week of my maymester. It had little to do with class. Life is just difficult sometimes. It had been nearly 4 months since I had the last. It was frustrating, but God is always with me and he has provided people in my life to help and support me. I just pray he takes them away from me or gives man the ability to completely relieve them from me.  

I’m working at the galleries for my school and doing odd jobs at the school since things are slow at the galleries. I love spending time with our departments secretary. She can do anything I feel like. She had to leave us for a few months because her cancer had come back, then with a low immune system she became sick. But she’s back and still doing chemo. I pray that God heels her, but she is so strong we will still love God whatever happens. 

I started my new internship at my church yesterday. It seems rather chill and I’m enjoying the work so far :)

CORNERSTONE. Made up my mind and my money. I’m taking a train there an back to be at http://www.cornerstonefestival.com/ for a little over a week. To my surprise Blindside is going to be there, they haven’t really released anything for five years until this month. Crazy awesome. My friend is going on tour with The Red Thread Movement. It just recently took off within the past year and so many women in Nepal have been rescued from sex trafficking because of it. Check out their website:  http://www.redthreadmovement.org/ They will be at CS and will have their own stage, I get to see my friend and I feel so blessed to be able to help her up there! Can’t wait!!!!

Then will come Still Water sports camp, a camp that helps kids to learn about Christ and to get them plugged in at home whether it be church, FCA, or YoungLife while teaching sports skills. I will be helping with their graphics this year and will be attending two weeks of camp. One as a photographer, and the other as a counselor. I pray that God uses me in a mighty way to show these kids his love and to help show them that they are worth more than gold and jewels to him. And I hope to be a blessing to the Still Water community. 


How to do an acetone transfer:


  • acetone
  • small tub or cup
  • paint brush
  • Tape
  • ink roller or something with a hard flat surface (wooden spoon works)
  • Mirrored image of what you want to transfer
  • surface to transfer onto

Start with a material that will accept the transfer, usually a porous medium like paper or wood. You can purchase acetone at your local hardware store. Have a copy of what you want printed. From experience I learned that copies or printouts from a copy machine or laser printer work best. My inkjet printer copies didn’t work at all. Make sure your image is backwards because it will transfer a mirrored image onto your surface. I mirrored mine in Photoshop. 

You lay down your image where you would like it on the chosen surface. Tape it down so it doesn’t move. Then you brush a small amount of acetone onto your image at a time, each time being followed by pressure being applied from a roller or spoon. Then lift the paper off of your surface gentle to reveal your transfer.

It’s a unique process because you never know how it’s going to turn out. 

One tip. The darker the print the darker the transfer.

These are my final prints:

During WWII Artist Writer

This picture inspires me. Life is like a road. 
"There’s a road like a long gray ribbon far as I can see—and it’s pulling independence out of me."
 -The Band Perry

This picture inspires me. Life is like a road. 

"There’s a road like a long gray ribbon far as I can see—and it’s pulling independence out of me."

 -The Band Perry


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